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Central Contract Vehicle Leasing

Central contract vehicle leasing, also known as CCVL, is a purchasing method used by federal agencies and other government organizations to acquire vehicles for official use. This system allows these entities to lease vehicles for a set period from a single vendor, eliminating the need for individual procurement for each agency or department. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of central contract vehicle leasing and how it benefits the government.

What is Central Contract Vehicle Leasing?

Central contract vehicle leasing is a process that allows government entities to lease vehicles for a set period from a single vendor rather than going through the standard procurement process. The General Services Administration (GSA) manages these contracts, which cover all aspects of vehicle management from acquisition to disposal, including maintenance and repair services.

The CCVL contracts are awarded to a select group of vendors, such as vehicle manufacturers or large fleet management companies, that have met the GSA`s stringent requirements. These contracts are typically awarded for a period of three to five years, with the option to renew or extend the lease term at the end of the contract.

Benefits of Central Contract Vehicle Leasing

There are several benefits to using central contract vehicle leasing for government entities. One of the primary advantages is the cost savings associated with a consolidated purchasing process. By using a single vendor, economies of scale are achieved, which reduces the overall cost of the lease.

Additionally, CCVL contracts simplify the acquisition process and streamline the procurement process. Instead of individual agencies having to go through the standard procurement process, they can use the pre-approved CCVL contract to acquire vehicles with minimal additional documentation requirements. This saves time, effort, and resources for all involved parties.

Another benefit of central contract vehicle leasing is the standardization of vehicle specifications. This means that all vehicles leased under the CCVL contracts meet the same standards and requirements. This helps ensure consistent performance, quality, and safety across all vehicles used by government entities.

Finally, CCVL contracts include full maintenance and repair services, which are typically included in the lease price. This provides a hassle-free solution for vehicle maintenance, which can be a significant cost and time burden for government agencies.


Central contract vehicle leasing is a cost-effective and streamlined purchasing method for government entities to acquire vehicles. By using a pre-approved vendor and contract, these entities can save time and resources while ensuring consistency and quality across their vehicle fleet. Overall, CCVL is a smart choice for government agencies looking to reduce costs and streamline procurement processes.